PODCAST::: Halloween, Horror, and Comics with Author Francesca Maria on Book Lights


Halloween, Horror, and Comics with Author Francesca Maria on Book Lights


Francesca Maria writes dark fiction surrounded by cats near the Pacific Ocean. She is the creator of the BLACK CAT CHRONICLES comic book series and her short story collection, THEY HIDE: SHORT STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK will be out from Brigid’s Gate Press in 2023. You can find her at francescamaria.com and on Twitter @Writer_of_Weird  You can learn more at her website: https://francescamaria.com/

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Here’s a quick look at Francesca’s latest release They Hide: Short Stories to Tell in the Dark

“The tales in Francesca Maria’s They Hide are brief but intense, revealing the monsters hidden at the corners of everyday life. The author’s lifelong love of horror shines through here. Make sure to check the warnings and read in the daylight lest you become too unnerved.”
—Christi Nogle, Bram Stoker Award®-nominee and author of Beulah

“… a solid collection, with stories ranging the full spectrum of horror, from grim and grisly, to suspenseful, to dark humor, and one true heartbreaker. All your classic monster tropes are represented here, and all done really well. …Whatever your taste in horror, I’m sure you’ll find something in They Hide that you’ll enjoy.”
—Ben Monroe, Author of The Seething

“…a humanistic approach to the horror that makes it somehow all the more terrifying…That may be the key to her storytelling. The people and things that populate these tales are relatable, whether they be monsters or human or somewhere in between…If you like short stories that bring new perspectives to things you thought you already knew, you’ll want to check this collection out.”
—Jay Bechtol, Author of The Great American Coward

“Francesca compiled a fantastic collection full of stories that cover so many different eras and things that go bump in the night, and it kept me on my toes from start to finish.”
—Sinister Scoop

Who are we if not for the monsters that we keep?

They Hide: Short Stories to Tell in the Dark collects thirteen chilling tales that weave through the shadows, exploring the nature of fear, powerlessness, and control.

– A series of murders in a New England colony
– An untamed beast in pre-revolutionary France
– A mysterious stranger who invades 18th-century Ireland
– A traveling circus that takes more than the price of admission
– A gathering of the Dark, telling tales on the longest night of the year, and more.

Come play with vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, ghouls and the devil himself. Make sure you check under the bed and don’t turn out the lights.