Perspectives By Kendra Q. Dodd


Perspectives By Kendra Q. Dodd

Perspectives – Building meaningful connections by learning 4 steps to courageously speak up – Take a trip on this self-guided journey with coach, presenter, and consultant, Kendra Q. Dodd

Perspectives is a guided journal to help you become a better human. In times like these, we should all work on unifying and relating to each other. This book awakens you to another level of awareness, realizing that human beings are more profound and more complex than the labels prescribed to us. This book will help you embrace what we call “bridge moments” to courageously speak up while connecting with people different from you and building a better relationship with them.

This book will help reward you through a journey of the following:

  • Assess and process with self-reflections the core of your perspectives
  • Explore the various ways in which we are different and how it can cause misunderstandings
  • Address how to communicate your voice while empathically listening to others effectively
    Practical, hands-on exercises and tips to having successful real-life interactions
  • Practical, hands-on exercises and tips to having successful real-life interactions

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My favorite thing about Perspectives is that it literally does what it says on the tin. Kendra takes you on a journey which stops you being so insular and entrenched in your own perspective so that you can more easily relate to others and step into their shoes. She teaches skills that are truly invaluable for conflict resolution and can be transferred to any community ranging from your own family unit, to church, to the work environment. I can’t recommend it highly enough!  N. Dafe, Speech Pathologist
Perspectives is a well-timed book in a period of time where differences are spotlighted, tensions are at a high and misunderstandings are constant. A thoughtful reminder of the power of human connection and that is the very thing we really crave. The journal was a thoughtful guide mixing perspective with the opportunity for me to get in touch with my own views, intentions and ultimately relationships. This book helped me to take action on what I intuitively knew I needed. This book offered a safe place to explore and start working on stronger connections with loved ones. Equally as important, it helped me to make a path for creating new relationships.  K. Todd, Principal, Talent Management


Kendra is a sought-after presenter, coach, and consultant regarding process improvements, culture dynamics, and personal improvement. She has over 22 years of experience in organizational strategies.

Kendra has devoted her life to creating environments of belonging, inclusiveness, and personal progression. She understands the importance of continuous development and has a passion for consistent learning. Clients admire her energetic demeanor, positive candor, and strategic mindset. Kendra brings authenticity to those she helps because she shares her life with transparency, thus ensuing hope. Her clients are left feeling motivated and equipped.

Her expert knowledge is in Human Resources, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Change Management, Organizational and Talent Development.