Summer loving sucks

Sink your teeth into an all-new horror mystery series, Summer Shadows, beginning this fall and published by Dark Horse Comics. Set against the sunny backdrop of a remote Greek island, the comic tells the story of an LGBTQIA+ romance turned deadly mystery. The tale is written by John Harris Dunning (WiperTumult), with interior and cover art by Ricardo Cabral (WiperPontas Saltas), colored by Brad Simpson (WiperAll Eight Eyes) and lettered by Jim Campbell (Grimm Fairy Tales).

Nick Landry is on the unspoilt Greek island of Avraxos to look for his ex. Anthony was the love of his life, and without knowing why he left, Nick can’t move on. But Anthony isn’t the only one to disappear on Avraxos. Coast Guard officer Alekos Kourkoulos is on the trail of another young man missing on the island. They learn that both of the missing men fell in with the glamorous inhabitants of a jet-black super yacht, the Nyx, before vanishing. As the mystery deepens, Nick and Alekos discover that the brighter the sunshine, the darker the shadows…

Summer Shadows #1 (of 4) will arrive in comic shops September 11, 2024. It is available for pre-order starting May 24, 2024 at your local comic shop and will retail for $5.99.

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Praise for Wiper:

Wiper is a feast for your eyes and mind. Fast-moving gorgeous sci-fi noir with a killer twist. Like Phillip K Dick meets Aeon Flux.” – Christian Ward

“Sci-Fi Noir done right with some of the best comic book artwork I’ve seen in a book this year. Dunning and Cabral have crafted a story you do not want to miss.” – James Tynion IV

“Mind-blowing art by Ricardo Cabral and colour by Brad Simpson. It’s an incredible piece of work!” – Aaron Campbell

“If you love sci-fi, I can’t think of a single reason you won’t love this book. Stunning work from all involved.” – Darcy Van Poelgeest

Wiper builds a compelling mystery set against a dark, but all-too-real future. Beautiful art and storytelling make this a memorable read. I can’t wait to revisit this world again!” – Josh Trujillo

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