A New FIREFLY Origin Story


A New FIREFLY Origin Story from BOOM! Studios
The legendary Captain Malcolm Reynolds’ origins revealed!

One of modern comics’ most witty and beloved writers Sam Humphires (Harley Quinn), along with debut comics artist Giovanni Fabiano, and colorist Gloria Martinelli (Firefly: The Fall Guys), take on the universe of Firefly by exploring the early life of the intrepid Captain Mal Reynolds in FIREFLY: MALCOLM REYNOLDS YEAR ONE, available September 2024.

Despite starting from an unlikely place, Malcolm Reynolds has always been a troublemaker. Becoming a Browncoat was always meant to be. But what unexpected obstacles lie on that path to him becoming the Captain that fans know and love? To him assembling and leading the crew of the spaceship Serenity?

“It was such an honor to tell the first year of the Unification War and the formative years of Mal,” said writer Sam Humphries. “Unfortunately for him, the war isn’t as glorious as we’ve been led to believe. Giovanni, of course, killed it, and when you read this book you’ll be able to say you saw him when.”

“It has been a true pleasure working on this project,” said debut comics artist Giovanni Fabiano. “It was an honor and a great responsibility to create the concept of the young versions of these characters from scratch. I had a lot of fun.”

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