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Jill Gardner’s Favorite Main Street Businesses by Lynn Cahoon

My favorite South Cove businesses? Well, I should say all of them since I run the Business-to-Business meetings for the city council. However, I do have a few special ones that I can tell...

An Abused Child To Giving Adult Insight by Author Lydia Taiwo

Let’s start by asking ourselves a few questions...... Did you ever long to be hugged or kissed by your own mother as a child? And do you remember having her wash and comb...

A Broken Childhood II: Forgiveness by Lydia Taiwo

A Broken Childhood, Lydia Taiwo's first book was a gut-wrenching read into the depths of child abuse and neglect. (Read review here) In her second book, A Broken Childhood: Forgiveness, the author...

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