An Abused Child To Giving Adult Insight by Author Lydia Taiwo

Let’s start by asking ourselves a few questions……

Did you ever long to be hugged or kissed by your own mother as a child? And do you remember having her wash and comb your hair when you were little? Maybe you do. I don’t.

You cannot explain it or talk about it. It literally tears you apart inside, especially if you have friends experiencing such care and love from their parents.

In your heart you ask – “Why can’t my mother do the same for me?”

When I was very young, I lived with British foster parents until I was four and a half years old. I experienced love and care from them.

I never knew who my real parents were until they took me away.

There was no explanation. How could I possibly have bonded with them as mum and dad immediately? How could I pick up the threads? I can’t imagine it, can you?

And then there was the abuse:

Kicked to the head and left bleeding – I was rushed to King’s College Hospital London.

Whipped with cable wire – I have all the scars to prove it all over my body from head to toe. My head is bald in some places as a result of the horrific injuries. Being thrown on the floor and ending up with broken front teeth that couldn’t grow back.

These were just a few of my experiences. What would my life turn out to be?

I was a victim of abuse with low self-esteem, bitter and angry. There were times I became suicidal but someone up there kept me alive –  Yes, Almighty God who had wonderful plans in store for me.

Before I go on, I would like to hear your views.

What would you have done? What could I have done differently? What have been your experiences?

Drop me a line……..

About Lydia:

I’m married with six children and am a Consultant Biomedical Healthcare Scientist with my own diagnostic centre in Kent.

I’m also a published author and public speaker speaking out against child abuse.

Appointed as an Ambassador for AFRUCA and working with the Bexley African and Minority Ethnic Group, I am trying to raise awareness of child abuse cases across the globe.

I’ve also completed a counselling programme so I can support those who have suffered (or are suffering) abuse, including children whose parents have divorced.

As a child abuse survivor, I’m writing books to tell and show people what absence of love really means. Despite the pain, the trauma, the injuries and the tears, as long as there is life, there will always be a way out. God will make a way.

I believe that if we could only look into someone’s heart – the bleeding, hurt and broken heart that is yearning for love, for care, for peace, for a solution – then we could all make the world a better place.

For that reason, I want to be a beacon of hope to those around who are seeking for freedom from abuse. There is an alternative to pain and bitterness, from being a victim rather than a survivor.

Please contact me if you would like to know more about me and my work via my website.


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