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Sis and Big Pop’s Culture Podcast: Episode 23: Sad(ish) Comics, Pop’s popcorn recipe, and Diggin’ up them Holes Join Sis and Big Pops for a talk about pop culture news fun things happening in movies, tv-shows, and comic books. We discuss the new Loki trailer, Knives Out 2, and PowerRangers. Pops...

100 Worst Ideas Hilarious Audiobook Celebrates Humanity’s Horrible Ideas

New Laugh-Out-Loud Audiobook Celebrates Humanity’s Historical, Hysterical Stinkin’ Thinkin’ and Its Impact on Us Today Veteran entertainers bring you history like you’ve never heard it before! What if President McKinley had...

Weekend Word Search: Christine Feehan Fan

Think you're a Feehan fan? Recognize all these words? Now find them! Play online or print! Christine Feehan Word Search

Bad Love Beyond by Kevin L Schewe Book Trailer

Book 3 is here! Bad Love Beyond by Kevin L Schewe brings us back to our time traveling Bad Love Gang! And we are excited to share the new book trailer with...

Weekend Crossword: Reader & Writer

How good are you at crosswords? Challenge yourself to complete this crossword in the least amount of time! Online or Print Reader & Writer Crossword

Weekend Word Search: Horror Classics

Books, movies, themes and characters...find them all online or print! HORROR WORD SEARCH    

Miles and the Moon Cave by H.H. Hauser

Miles and the Moon Cave by H.H. Hauser About the Book: Explore An Adventure Full Of Wonder | An Exciting Middle Grade Adventure Book Miles Dobbs is the only child to mining tycoon Thomas...

Hoodoo For Beginners by Angelie Belard Book Review

Hoodoo for Beginners by Angelie Belard is fun whether you believe in hoodoo or not. I loved the stories she included about her own history and this was such a fun book...

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