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BOOK REVIEW: Lost Daughters of Avalon By J. Lynn Else

Lost Daughters of Avalon By J. Lynn Else Minnesota author J Lynn Else has published seven books to date, her genres include historical fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy fiction. LOST DAUGHTERS OF AVALON is...

Lost Daughters of Avalon

Lost Daughters of Avalon The series continues with a wondrous sequel by Award-Winning historical fiction author, J. Lynn Else After not hearing anything from their knights in Avalon for weeks, the horrible Questing Beast...

SNEAK PEEK: Descendants of Avalon by J. Lynn Else

Descendants of Avalon The first book in a stunning new series by Award-Winning author, J. Lynn Else Genie's parents are divorcing. Her friends convince her they should all wish for them to stay together...

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