NYC, BEA and News


Last minute meeting arrangements in New York during BEA are all that’s left in preparation for this coming week.
COS will be gathering data about the future of the industry, meeting with the good folks at MySpace, stopping by to see clients and chat with publishers who have contacted us.
Being my first BEA experience, I’m not sure how much work I’ll be able to add to this trip, but I hope to attend many conferences and learn what COS needs to gear up for next year. I’ll bring media kits, sample DVDs, brochures and business cards. I’m ready and enthused about being in NYC!

The new videos have gone up on REC TV and more will be put up next week. Distribution will continue as normal while I’m away. Wayne is getting ready to upload several new videos! New Head of Production, Victoria Fraasa, will be organizing our new projects while all of the COS network celebrate 4 Telly Award wins!!

REC TV will undergo some renovations in June that will make it even more user-friendly with more original programs and book video!