BEA has begun!


Being my first BEA I was very excited about attending. And, to have it here in NYC was a bonus! Next year it will be in LA, which I’m thrilled about as well.

Javitz Center is HUGE and full of people who care about books! Well, today at least!

Workshops on marketing, quanitifying marketing strategies, social networks, and many more topics were discussed. They have an African American and Latino pavillion this year which I am very interested in. REC TV has an African American channel and would love to be able to show more of those videos with other sites as content. It was great to see such a wonderful turn out for that topic.

I expect tomorrow will be even more busy with the exhibitors opening and additional interesting workshops to be presented.

Tomorrow I hope to find time to blog again and leave the information for the MySpace Books contact. So, check back later for more fun and facts!