A Cozy Murder Mystery with a Hint Of Austen’s Splendor

Elizabeth Parker, Jane Austen aficionado, is attempting a retreat from a hectic life at her Aunt Winnie’s Cape Cod bed and breakfast. But when the lights go out at a How to Host a Murder dinner party, Elizabeth discovers that the game set for the evening is being played too seriously by one of her aunt’s guests. With the local wealthy miser dead, Elizabeth is pressed with the task of clearing her aunt’s name and solving the mystery of this random aggressive act. Does Elizabeth have what it takes to unravel a murder mystery? What is the secret behind the Murder at Longbourn?
Tracy Kiely may be a newcomer to the publishing world, but make no mistake: this debut novel is an exceptional example of how murder mystery can intrigue and captivate reading audiences. Kiely’s cozy will appeal not only to avid readers of murder mystery, but also to fanatics of Jane Austen’s classic novels. The clever allusions to Austen’s Pride and Prejudice are found throughout and will bring a smile to the face of any person familiar with Austen’s work.
If you enjoy cozy murder mystery or find solace in subtle tales that are in some way informed by the classics of Jane Austen, then Kiely’s first novel Murder at Longbourn will be the perfect literary escape.

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