The Power of Faith and Love Revealed


Visionary Anna Babic is an honest spirit who seeks to spread the message of her faith, but a non-believer Matt Robins, whose faith was ruined as a child, plans to find fault in her life’s work. However, in the midst of his trial to prove her wrong, he finds an inescapable urge to share his life with her. Will Matt succeed in challenging Anna’s convictions and faith, or will he find her pure spirit irresistible?
The power of faith is unpredictable and generally beyond our comprehension. What happens when a shattered spirit tries to find fault in a blessed seer and fails not only to find flaws in her perspective but also to find love where he least expects it? K. M. Daughters deals with this subject in a new book entitled Rose of the Adriatic, which takes readers back to Daughter’s original debut novel, Jewel of the Adriatic.
The story within Rose of the Adriatic can appeal to the tastes of many readers: the concept of a seemingly impossible romance acts as the foundation for the work and will definitely attract romance fanatics, and the faith basis for the romantic connection will likely interest those readers interested in books that serve to strengthen their own faith-based convictions. Also, for those whose faith is currently being tested by trial or for any individual who wishes to provide support for an already strong and growing faith, Rose of the Adriatic is an ideal reading.