Classic Horror with a Twist


Isis is a story of a young girl who finds herself in possession of an unusual power. After a tragic accident takes the life of her beloved brother she makes a wish, to bring him back to her. The problem is the wish comes true. This novella is easily read in a couple of hours and perfect for any spooky storytelling opportunities you might have.
Clegg’s style of writing is beautiful but not too wordy. He gets to the point, but you feel captivated and intrigued as though you’re watching the story play out in the screen of your mind.
Douglas Clegg is one of my favorite horror writers and has a multitude of other books. There is also a specific site for Isis at and there is a fantastic online game for the book as well as a trailer that friends are sharing online right now. The trailer has a surprise ending so if you aren’t startled at the end, you didn’t watch the whole thing. Check it out!