When Voodoo Is All That Saves


Felix Leblanc was once the most powerful and celebrated voodoo priest in New Orleans. That was more than a hundred years ago, before a dangerous client brought about his ruin and condemnation. Now, he is cursed to lead a life without love, an eternal life of misery. But when Regan Henry, an heiress fleeing a troubled marriage, comes to him for help, the desire ignited between them seems undeniable. And Regan needs help of the paranormal kind, because her new mansion is inhabited by restless spirits. Only Felix can save her from this new predicament, but she may also need saving from the newly ignited passion that lives between them. And to risk a love of this sort means an eternity of evil for them both. Can a supernatural passion be resisted by a pair with such an otherworldly attraction?
Erin McCarthy’s newest novel The Taking is a darkly sensual paranormal romance appropriately set in New Orleans, where a world of spirits and magic mingles with the relatively mundane dimension of mortals. The collision of these worlds can create major complications, but what happens when an irresistible love that has the potential to condemn comes into play? What risks will the supernaturally attractive Felix take in aiding Regan with her haunted home? It may be sacrificing his last chance at redemption, but failure to do so brings condemnation forever. Find out what happens when an enchanting voodoo priest and a beautiful, wealthy woman are tempted into an attraction that has the power to damn them both.
McCarthy is a best-selling author of more than twenty books in the contemporary and paranormal romance genres. Her latest work, The Taking, is the third part in the Deadly Sins Series. For those who prefer to have a touch of supernatural darkness with their romance, McCarthy’s newest novel will not disappoint.