Is Your Employer This Strange?


Bernal Haydon-Rumi, an assistant to a woman who spends her time providing financial support to bizarre and otherwise unfunded projects, has just discovered a puzzle after returning to the home of his employer after a business trip. And the puzzle involves a strange network of eccentrics that keep Bernal in pursuit of answers: a sassy activist with a collection of home-brewed devices, a spiritual therapist whose past involvements with cryogenics has given him major complications, a drug dealer, a local serial killer, and a flock of other memorable faces. It gets worse, because the AI project that his boss has been funding may be stranger than he thought, and, since she has not divulged too many details, Bernal can only be guided by speculation along this mystery path. What has Bernal’s employer been keeping from him? And where will it take him in his quest for answers?
Alexander Jablokov makes a return to science fiction with Brain Thief, a highly anticipated release that details the journey through the unpredictable life of Bernal. His resources and cleverness must win him answers, but he has a flock of oddballs with which to tangle in coming to a better understanding of his boss’s circumstance and his own. Find out where the stranger path to answers will lead in Jablokov’s new science fiction novel Brain Thief.
Jablokov’s writing career is marked by the release of several science fiction novels and contributions to various science fiction anthologies. Brain Thief represents his return to the genre and will prove the perfect reading for science fiction enthusiasts as well as any reader with a craving for twisting mysteries that are imaginative and compelling.