The Year of Living Like Jesus by Ed Dobson


When Ed Dobson, an evangelical pastor truly dedicated to the following of Christ’s teachings, learned that he had ALS, a radical idea came to him. He decided to live for one year as Jesus would have lived, and what he learns is chronicled in his new book The Year of Living Like Jesus. Of course, adhering to the values of Christ’s life involves eating only kosher foods, reading the Gospels with a certain degree of regularity, and observing the Sabbath, but Jesus had a very distinct approach to existence from many in our own time and his own, as Dobson discovers through his remarkable journey.

It is Christ’s approach to the treatment of those who suffer that was integrated into Dobson’s own life and allowed him to receive many insights into what it is like to live just as Jesus would have lived. Those insights are communicated with sincerity, humility, and a touch of humor by Dobson throughout this surprising and genuine struggle to understand what it takes to embody the values and principles of Christ’s teaching. The Year of Living Like Jesus comes highly recommended for those who wish to better understand their own faith and what ways we can incorporate Christ’s teachings into our own lives to better serve him and one another throughout our life’s journey.