An Adventure of Discovery for Young Readers

Who was Jesus and how did he live? Why do we celebrate Christmas and Easter the ways that we do? What role does the Bible play in providing us with a deeper awareness and appreciation of what Jesus taught during his short time on Earth? Anthony the lizard is prepared to find out, and so he sets out on a journey that will lead to great discovery and fulfillment.
Anthony’s Journey, a traditional quest style collection, tells the tale of a Jesus lizard named Anthony who sets out on a series of expeditions, which are detailed in six books, in which he gains a better understanding of Christ’s life and teachings. Along the way, Anthony meets many friendly animals who help to guide him on his way, enriching his journey and providing enlightenment in a variety of ways.
The collection’s author, Graciela Rangel, was inspired to write this series of informative short stories by her experiences as a Sunday school teacher and Children’s Church leader. Over the span of twenty years, her work has given her a great deal of knowledge pertaining to what children wish to know and what they say about Jesus and the Bible, and this knowledge base carries over into her writing. Throughout the series, Anthony learns about Christ, Christmas, Noah’s Ark, Easter, the Garden of Eden, and the Ten Commandments. These positive and charming stories are excellent for children who are curious about Christ and Christian principles communicated through Scripture or for parents who wish to educate their children about Christ’s teachings in a fun and uplifting fashion.

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