What Happens When the Past Catches Up With You?


We all want to believe that the mistakes of our past will not follow us into our potentially improved future states. Brad Cutler is no different, and his future seems so bright that it would seem impossible that a wrong decision from nearly a decade in the past could possibly reach him at his height. In both professional and personal ways, Brad has everything for which one could hope: his career is soaring, he has praise coming from all sides, as well as a strong personal value system, and he is about to marry the woman of his dreams, the beautiful daughter of his ad company’s manager. But lately, Brad has not been able to focus on any of this, because he knows that in order to go forward he has to find a means of redemption, a way of being forgiven for the worst mistake he ever made. It is a mistake that involves a woman he cared for very deeply—and a future that could have been. Will Brad find resolution before he loses his chance to win the world of his dreams?
Brad’s engaging story is the basis for Shades of Blue, a new novel by Karen Kingsbury, dubbed the greatest American contemporary inspirational novelist. Her award-winning Christian-fiction has appealed to readers across the globe for years, and Shades of Blue is bound not to disappoint. The novel is clear in its delivery, well-written, and engaging from start to finish. Lose yourself in Shades of Blue, a charming and positive story about resolution and finding the path to brighter days.
If you enjoy inspirational works with undertones of Christian values or stories that detail the trials of personal growth in a tumultuous and often confusing world, then Kingsbury’s Shades of Blue is highly recommended.