A Life Less Than Ordinary


If you think that your life is less than typical, look at the case of Chloe Saunders before you draw any conclusions. For example, she sees the dead and experiences them on a very real level. And she has the power to raise corpses from the grave through necromancy. Chloe is a genetically-altered supernatural being with a life that is far from ordinary, and her friends are no more normal than she is—like her werewolf companion and his brother, the charming sorcerer. To complicate matters, having a supernatural life gives you great enemies, such as the evil corporation that is currently hunting Chloe and her atypical group. In short, Chloe’s life is not normal.
Chloe and her dramatic adventure are the foundation for Kelley Armstrong’s series entitled the Darkest Powers trilogy. Armstrong is a New York Times bestselling author also known for her immensely popular Women of the Otherworld series. Her work is thrilling and engaging, perfect for young readers in the middle age and adolescent groups.
If you enjoy stories that are captivating and out of the ordinary in their content, then you should find a copy of Armstrong’s The Reckoning, but not before finding the first two installments of the series, The Summoning and The Awakening . Fans of gothic-style fiction and supernatural, fantasy-oriented works will also appreciate the Darkest Powers trilogy for its dark overtones and exciting, well-crafted plot.