Running Just to Stay Alive


Evernight Academy is a vampire boarding school that has just been ravaged by a terrible fire. Once the only refuge for Bianca and her lover Lucas, it is now no longer a haven from the harsh world that seeks to destroy every vampire. At the forefront of this movement to eliminate their kind is Black Cross, a fanatical and efficient group of hunters who despise vampires and will stop at nothing to win their fight against them. It is with this dangerous group that Bianca and Lucas must now seek sanctuary. And Bianca knows that if any member of Black Cross should discover the truth about her–her vampire heritage and increasingly vampiric tendencies–she and Lucas will be forced on the run again or destroyed before they have the chance. When the vampire Balthazar, who knows Bianca and her true identity, is captured by Black Cross, both Bianca and Lucas know that in order to survive, they must escape from their perilous situation before it is too late. Where will they go to stay safe from those who hunt them? Is their any place that could become a haven to this supernatural pair? Time is running out for Bianca and Lucas in Hourglass, the latest release from Claudia Gray.
Gray is the New York Times bestselling author of Stargazer, the second installment of her Evernight series, which details the struggles of a woman who is fighting to stay herself without having that alone kill her. She is a vampire in a world that refuses to accept her kind. Hourglass is the third book in this exciting series, and it comes with all of the drama and suspense that followers of the Evernight series have come to expect. Mixing passion with action, Gray delivers another story that will definitely keep her readers hoping for more.
If you are not already familiar with Claudia Gray and yet you enjoy the Twilight series or similar works, then you will want to check out Claudia Gray’s Hourglass, as well as the other components of her Evernight series. This book is also excellent for readers who enjoy tales that are built upon the blending of the real and the darkly supernatural, as well as readers of paranormal romance who enjoy a thrilling story.