CLC: Holiday Romance Novels!


Canned Laughter and Coffee host Renee Bernard and co-host Sheila English chat about holiday romance novels. There seems to be a trend with Christmas romance novels being anthologies. That works out perfect for those people who are busy, but want that little extra “holiday high” to stick with them as they are winding down for the day. Renee and Sheila talk about their favorite holiday romance novels, what’s out and what to read!


Lisa Kleypas – A Wallflower Christmas

Lisa Kleypas – Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor New Release

Once Upon a Holiday: Holiday HeatCandy ChristmasChocolate Truffle

Regency Christmas Proposals: The Soldier’s Christmas MiracleSnowbound and SeducedChristmas at Mulberry Hall

Anita Higman – Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe

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