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Say “Hello” to Tia Stanton

Pulse of PowerHi!  My name is Tia Stanton, and I’m the main character in Anne Elizabeth’s PULSE series. In the first book, PULSE OF POWER, readers get to visit my rather extraordinary world.  They meet the sentient supernatural store named Vivant, which is also the paranormal hub of the Tri-State area, and they see some of the sexiest men in and out of this world.

The guy who is tugging my heart strings is named Witt.  He’s a king and the holder of the planets.  Basically, that means he has a lot of power and he has set his sight on ME. I’m not sure how I  feel about it or his desire for me to be his queen.  I suppose it could be very cool. Perhaps, I’ll give it some thought, after I figure out how to manage my latest surge of magical power.  Also, there are a couple of big bad nasties for me to defeat.  What’s a lady to do, when it is HER job to save the world?  The only choices are to: Own It and Achieve.

Psssst!  Then, there is this bit of news, have you heard the rumor?  One of the artist’s told me that in Anne Elizabeth’s next book, THE PENDULUM ( coming in October 2011 ) I’m going OFF PLANET!  Just me and a whole bunch of unknowns.  Yikes!  What’s that about?

If you see AE, ask her what I’m up against. CONTROL is important to me!

Regardless of what I face, I guess I need to be ready to POWER UP!  Destiny is in my hands.

——On April 8th at the RT Book Lovers Convention in the Graphic Fair within the E-Expo from 4-6 pm, Anne Elizabeth will be autographing copies of PULSE OF POWER, while supplies last.  Come early to be get your signed copy. “Power up!”——


About Anne Elizabeth

Anne Elizabeth
Anne Elizabeth is a published author, comic creator, and the monthly columnist for RT BOOK Reviews on the topic of comics, manga, and graphic novels. She is a former marketing consultant and has a BS in Business and a MS in Communications from Boston University with over a decade and a half in the corporate and private business sectors. As much as she loved the corporate world, she prefers writing, interviews, research, and reader events.

AE is a member of the Author’s Guild; Romance Writers of America; and a regular presenter at the RT BOOK LOVERS Convention. Among her published credits are two Simon & Schuster collections, CARAMEL FLAVA & HONEY FLAVA, and the Highland Press sweet collection, RECIPE FOR LOVE; the Spec Ops Military Anthologies – OPERATION: L.O.V.E.; FOR YOUR HEART ONLY; and HOLIDAY OP. Her graphic novel, PULSE OF POWER, debuted in Fall 2010 via Dynamite Entertainment/Dabel Brothers LLC. Her next graphic novel THE PENDULUM releases at the New York Comic Con in October 2011 via Sea Lion Books.

She enjoys Kenpo, hiking, mountain biking, yoga, Body Rev, painting, and kayaking. Her husband is a retired Navy SEAL, and they are active in the West Coast Navy SEAL community. Her favorite motto is “Passion is the breath of life. Live boldly!” Also, a quote inspired by her grandfather gathers much of her creative advice into one sentence, “Look inside, find the message that is yours to share, and give it to the world.”

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