Interview with Barbara Vey and Charina Russo. A Different Point of View


Readers and bloggers have their own point of view and it may not be what you think it is. Tonight we spend time with readers finding out if they think blogging is still relevant, what they think of ebook pricing and what they like to blog about. Barbara Vey of Publisher’s Weekly blogĀ Beyond Her Book started out as a reader before being asked to blog for PW and she still considers herself to be, first, a reader and her blog is geared toward readers. Charina Russo isĀ new to blogging but has been a dedicated reader for over ten years. They have very interesting points of view regarding their ereaders (Barbara has a Kindle and Charina has a Nook) and they discuss lending, pricing and all things eReader! We find out if they feel readers will buy an unknown author if the book is cheaper, if they actually read the free books offered and other interesting tidbits regarding the topic.
Get a fresh perspective; the readers! Listen to podcast!

RER 4-28-11

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