Book Trailers – and the People that Produce Them


Book Trailers and the people who produce them are the topic for Reader’s Entertainment Radio today. Meet some of the book video producers of #1 Book Trailer production company Circle of Seven Productions.

Michael Miller is one of the founding members of Circle of Seven Productions. He was the Director of Photography, Visual Effects Supervisor and Editor of the very first official Book Trailer – “Dark Symphony” for Christine Feehan. Since then, he has produced hundreds of trailers and teasers for COS and won several awards for his work.

Although Michael remains an integral part of COS, he started his own company – Digital Realm Productions, in 2007 so he could offer his visual effects services to others.

Michael holds a degree in electronics, specializing in video. He custom builds all of the workstations used in his studio. He is also a musician and has written scores for several of the trailers he has worked on.

Michael is a member of the International Academy of Visual Arts.


Mike talks about what helps him create a book video successfully.


Check out one of the fun videos Mike did that won an award –


Also joining the group is Victoria Fraasa who has been with COS since 2004.

The daughter of a Spaniard/Filipino father and American mother, Victoria grew up in Miami, Florida. After graduating from Florida State University she worked in New York City for the next ten years in various film industry jobs including a camera woman for CNN, film stage manager, and producer of music videos and commercials. After years of successfully producing high end music videos and commercials, she turned her efforts to developing and directing short films. Her first short film “Breathless” was accepted in 1998 by the Independent Film Projects’ Independent Feature Film Market. Her next film, “Maria of the Flowers” was awarded first place in “Collaboration…A Short Film Contest” held in Miami. The film premiered in London at the BBC British Short Film Festival and has been accepted at several Hispanic Festival across the United States. Victoria, with her cinematographer husband Steve Fraasa, is owner of Fraasa Films, Inc. which produces and directs infomercial’s, commercials and short films for the book industry. Victoria is currently working in both Los Angeles and Florida as a director.

One of the videos Victoria talks about is Left to Die-

She discusses the challenges of making a trailer.


New addition to COS is Peter Hall who has created some wonderful Cover Story videos as well as an amazing video called Silencing Sam. Peter talks about the us of music in book video. And he talks about one of his favorite book video projects, Pulse of Power


Find out what these leading professionals feel are the challenges, future and fun of book trailers!

RER 5-12-11