Author Blog: Spectra


By: Joanne Elder
July 6, 2011


Cutting Edge Science Fiction Thriller Combines Fast-paced Action with Thought Provoking Insight into the Possible Existence of the Human Soul

Do we have a soul? Throughout history, philosophers, spiritualists, and physicists have sought answers to this question. Independent of the belief in a god, the existence of a soul has given comfort to humans in their quest for eternal life…

Spectra, recently released in print and ebook by MuseItUp Publishing, delves into one of the most compelling and thought provoking questions humanity has to offer right in the preface of the novel. Set in the future, Spectra offers all the action and adventure of a first rate thriller together with a glimpse at the possible physical existence of the human soul, edging on controversial.

In the story a mining team encounters a species of intelligent life comprised of unknown energy. Those exposed to the entities experience a temporary increase in intelligence but at a terrible cost. As the story unfolds, it’s found that the entities are a form of living plasma with helixes of energy flowing into them resembling DNA. So what makes this compelling? Read on…

Actual research was consulted when writing Spectra. Recently, researchers in Russia demonstrated plasma (ionized gas composed of ions, free protons, and free electrons) could self-organize into a structure similar to a simple living cell with helical currents resembling DNA. Since plasma is the most common state of matter in the universe, it is conceivable for inorganic living plasma to be the most common form of life in the universe.

Exposure to the entities causes a temporary increase in intelligence. In the story this is attributed to the energy of the entities enhancing the energy field of those exposed. Recently at UCLA, improvements in the sensitivity of measuring devices have led to the confirmation of minute energy fields around the human body (the human energy field). These electrical impulses have a frequency significantly higher than brain waves and may correspond to the human aura.

In Spectra it is theorized that if the soul exists beyond an idea, it has to exist as something in the physical makeup of the universe. It can’t be nothing. Nor can God be nothing. Is modeling the human energy field as living plasma that could exist on its own as a soul that farfetched? Is there a physical difference between good and evil? Perhaps living plasma existed on early Earth and formed a template for the development of biological life.

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