Romantic Times Book Reviews: A Tour to Remember


By: Sheila English
July 13, 2011
Brooklyn, NY


In a recent visit to the RT Book Reviews office we caught up with Carol Stacy who gave us a tour of the offices and some insight to the daily grind that makes up RT Book Reviews.



The first issue was in June 1981. The convention came the following year.

“It was all Kathryn in the beginning,” shares Carol Stacey, “Her vision, her mission to bring the romance community together, her objective to guide authors through the maze of the publishing industry.”

RT Book Reviews is the only print magazine that covers all genres of popular fiction with an emphasis on romance. We review more than 250 new books each month 1 to 2 months before the books are released. Readers, booksellers and libraries use the magazine as a shopping guide for which books they will purchase.

Readers of the magazine read 10-40 books a month and range in age from 18-80.

The building that houses RT is quaint and in a beautiful neighborhood of Brooklyn.  Books are everywhere, as you can imagine. The atmosphere is one of efficiency and camaraderie. Everyone appears busy, but not too busy to offer a smile and salutation. People working there are booklovers. They would have to be. With so many books being reviewed and articles being written the office is full of quite energy. It feels like a great place to work and of course it is! Look at all these free books!