No Rest for the Dead a Novel written by 26 Top Thriller Authors


By Sheila English

No Rest for the Dead: A Novel

It’s not an anthology. It is a fully formed, very entertaining, nail-biting thriller novel.  Each chapter is written by a different author in their own voice, but I can assure you the story is fluid and cohesive.

We follow a group of individuals who were instrumental in a case against Rosemary Thomas who is accused of killing her philandering husband and stuffing him in an Iron Maiden.  She is convicted and she is put to death. But even in death there is no rest, not for any of them.

Flash forward ten years. Jon Nunn, the detective who helped put her away is convinced she is innocent and when he decides to re-investigate, to find redemption for himself and justice for Rosemary.  But, of course it’s never easy.  The journey that Nunn goes on keeps you turning the page and wanting more right up to the very end.

This is a thriller with mystery elements and lots of drama, reflection and entertainment. Readers who love thrillers are going to devour this.

You can see the list of contributing authors here- You may be amazed at who contributed to this book! I highly recommend checking out the site, but even more, I highly recommend reading this novel.