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No Rest for the Dead: A Novel

Blog by Sheila English

7/29/11 Mt. Sterling, KY

Everything had gone wrong for Rosemary. She married the wrong guy. An ass who cheated on her. She got accused of his murder, convicted, sentenced to death and not even her death would go smoothly. In a matter of pages you feel so deeply for Rosemary that you want to save her, you want justice for her. And you want someone to solve the murder of her husband and get the right killer.

No Rest for the Dead: A Novel

No Rest for the Dead hooks you from the prologue to the final words of the last chapter. Don’t think you’ll just skim through it, you can’t. The story captivates you, draws you in and owns you for the few hours it will take to read it. It’s that powerful, that entertaining and that hard to put down.

The man who investigated the crime looks back ten years after Rosemary’s death and he sees his obsession with her case, what it cost him. He helped convict her but he knows she didn’t do it. And he starts to re-investigate, which makes him a target for the real killer.

The story is fast paced and totally engrossing, but the book itself has a story. Twenty-six authors  wrote this one story. This one book.  Some of the best thriller writers of our time contributed to this story, one chapter per author, using their own voice.  It’s an amazing work.  It is fluid even when the author changes. The story is consistent, the editing is top notch.

The proceeds of the sale of the book go to charity, which I think is very noble.  You’re doing good while getting entertained by top notch entertainers. Why don’t you own this book already?!

There is a website for the book if you want to know more and about who contributed. You can find it here- You’re not going to believe what authors contributed to this!