Looking Good at 80


L. McMaken
Cincinnati, OH


Legendary children’s figure, Babar, the Elephant turned 80 this year. Created by Jean de Brunhoff for his son, Babar has captivated children’s hearts for many years. Through the years, Babar has been joined by other jungle friends, Zawadi the Zebra, Chiku the Monkey and others. None have been as popular as the beloved Babar.

de Brunhoff’s son, Laurent de Brunhoff,  for whom Babar was originally written, has been continuing the series since his father’s death in 1937. Laurent has no plans to end the series and has just released Babar’s Celesteville Games. He will not however, allow the series to be continued after his death saying, “Maybe I am wrong, but I think Babar is mine.” Readers hope he has many more stories to tell.