Harlequin: Increases Royalites on eBooks


L. McMaken
Cincinnati, OH

In a recent letter to authors and agents, Harlequin has announced that it is increasing the royalties it is offering to its stable of writers. Harlequin is a globally recognized brand and hopes to extend that brand loyalty into the eBook world by retaining its authors. In offering more lucrative terms they foresee many of their current authors and well as those with a lengthy backlist appearing in eBook format.

The terms were listed as: “Series – 1% of net digital receipts to $50,000, 17.5% of net digital receipts from $50,001 to $100,000, 20% of net digital receipts thereafter. Single Titles: 25% of net digital receipts.”

The letter also noted that, “The Harlequin brand on print and digital series books immediately communicates great romance stories.” They are hoping that brand recognition will carry into the digital world of eBooks.