Fun Friday’s All Day Giveaway! Books and Fun Packages!

Just a few of the great prizes!
Just a few of the great prizes!

We believe in reader appreciation. We also believe readers love free books and fun reader stuff. So today we are going to be giving away books and gift packages throughout the day, ending at 7PM Eastern Time.

Here’s how it works: Leave a comment saying what your favorite book blog is or why you love reading. It’s that easy.  Those leaving comments are chosen at random to receive prizes.  Winners will be notified in replies to the comment so check back when you can!

If you want to choose your own book blog please do and be sure to include the URL!!

If you’re not sure what a book blog is then please allow us to share some of our own favorites with you!

And here is a wonderful collection of great book blogs all in one place! and

Have fun reading, commenting and winning! There are lots of prizes going out all day long! And the book blog that is mentioned most will have a full feature article written up about the blog!

Books and more all for you! Leave a comment!


Leanne Gagnon

Chelsea Rafferty

Phyllis Burral-Lopez

Jeannine Meador

Isis Nocturne

Jack Hrusoff

Debbie Duncan Kaufman


Debi Huff

Beth Blanchard

Pam Asberry


Email and put “Giveaway” in the subject line and we’ll send you your prize!