USO Tour and A New Novel:Heather Graham Interviews Author Steve Berry

Bestselling Author Steve Berry

The Jefferson Key Talks About Little-Known Clause in Constitution Regarding Pirates

Heather Graham caught up with bestselling thriller author Steve Berry during the annual ThrillerFest event this year in New York. Steve recently made a trip to Iraq with other thriller writers as part of a special USO Tour. “Reading is the number one activity,” shares Steve who tells then shares some of his story about the trip in the video interview.

They talk about The Jefferson Key, Steve Berry’s new novel that has a very interesting twist regarding pirates and the constitution.

Bestselling Author Steve Berry

From the website The Jefferson Key- Four United States presidents have been assassinated—in 1865, 1881, 1901, and 1963—each murder seemingly unrelated and separated by time.

But what if those presidents were all killed for the same reason: a clause in the United States Constitution—contained within Article 1, Section 8—that would shock Americans?

Steve Berry’s new novel has the makings of a great story and plays out like a movie in the reader’s mind. Fast paced and heart pounding it’s clever, entertaining and hard to put down.

We caught up with Steve Berry at this year’s ThrillerFest in New York City where he was getting ready to discuss his part of the thriller writer’s USO Tour that took place in the Middle East this past year. He talks about his amazing experiences and his amazing novel.

Steve also shares a more personal side of himself as he talks about his wife and serving on the board of International Thriller Writers. Check out the video interview to hear these two bestselling authors.