Need to Know? Ask An Author!


L. McMaken
Cincinnati, OH


You have a Kindle, you’re reading a great story by your favorite author, then it hits you – why did they make that character do that? Where did this story come from?

As readers, we’ve all wondered about a novel’s characters, back story, and research. Now, with your Kindle you can “Ask the Author“.  A “trial/beta” version, currently featuring only a few authors, is allowing readers to ask questions of the author.

The program uses Twitter to alert authors (@author) when a question has been posted. “To ask a question on the Kindle, highlight a passage and enter a question in the annotations box, beginning with “@author” (i.e. @tferriss or @susanorlean). Questions are limited to 100 characters in the Kindle.”

Prompts help you establish a Twitter account if you don’t already have one. Currently authors participating in the program include; Timothy Ferris, Brad Meltzer, J.A. Konrath and several others. Additional authors will be added soon.