Author Deborah LeBlanc gets Locked in a Coffin


Cincinnati, OH


Many authors try to experience the same things as their characters. Authors have ridden with law enforcement, attended court proceedings, and even skydived to create a believable world within their books. Author Deborah LeBlanc had herself locked inside a casket! Now that’s devotion to your work.

Join Deborah as she shares her passion as a paranormal investigator, talks about working as an embalmer, dishes about an encounter of the unexplainable kind on Reader’s Entertainment News.

Deborah LeBlanc creates hot, breathless romance and leave the lights on suspense. Her newest novel The Wolven, Book Three in The Keepers Series, features an alpha wolf shapeshifter and the mortal woman sworn to protect the pack. Deborah’s books reflect her passion for life – “If you’re going to live a life, give it all you got.”