Christine Feehan and Brenda Novak Offer More to FANS



Feehan and Novak or F.A.N is the annual reader appreciation convention put on by bestselling authors Christine Feehan and Brenda Novak.  The convention is known for the personalized treats that each attendee receives and the one-on-one time they get with each of the authors.

The first year of the convention, in 2009, attendees received special kaleidoscopes that had a F.A.N theme to it and were created just for the convention. The beautiful gifts were just one of many, but fans were so enamored with them that this year the authors have added a kaleidoscope class to the end of the convention.

For a nominal fee, which is not part of the convention registration fee, you can personalize your very own kaleidoscope. You choose what will go in them, the theme and you walk away with a very unique gift and experience!

See some examples of kaleidoscopes here.

So, if you’re the artistic type, or you just want to have a very unique experience, this addition to the already fun-filled FAN convention is a great combination!