October is National Book Month


L. McMaken
Cincinnati, OH


The National Book Foundation, the organization that gives us the National Book Awards is helping to celebrate, National Book Month. Created to celebrate the written word in all it’s various forms, National Book Month is a time to reconnect with books.

If you haven’t been to the library since your schools days, this month is a great time to head back. Many libraries are offering extended check-out times, featuring classic books, and inviting patrons to be part of their many book clubs.

Other suggestions for celebrating are to have a family reading hour. Pick a time when everyone is home, make some yummy snacks, pick a great book and read aloud to your children, or have them read to you.

Do a Book Swap. Many local bookstores will give you dollars for used books or credits that you can use to buy “new to you” books.

Revisit old classics you loved or try some brand new authors. Any way you choose, it’s a great month to celebrate books!