Shiloh Walker’s If You Hear Her


Shiloh Walker’s newest romantic thriller, If you Hear Her, will have you holding your breath as you turn each page!

The latest romantic thriller from author Shiloh Walker begins with a scream, literally and doesn’t let up until the end. Set in small town Kentucky, where everyone thinks they know everyone else, Lena Riddle hears a scream echo through the night.

Calls to police are worthless as law enforcement can’t find any evidence of a crime. But Lena knows what she heard.

Her only saving grace is Ezra King, a cop on leave after dealing with his own demons. His cop instinct knows Lena is in danger, his heart’s instinct says she is the woman his soul seeks.

There is mystery surrounding both characters as they deal with their own issues and pasts that come colliding together in this fast paced page turner. The sleepy town seems too “Mayberry” to ever have anything bad happen, but very bad things do and Ezra must unravel the puzzle.

Their hearts fight the attraction they feel for each other and just as they finally start to heal, start to relent to their feelings the killer….well, I won’t spoil for readers.

If you are looking for a fast-paced thriller, laced with romance and tension – this book was written for you!