Books Alive?


L. McMaken
Cincinnati, OH


Walker Books, a publisher in the U.K. has just unveiled a new book cover that just might “re-invent” they way we view a book.

The cover, appearing on the author Edward Hogan’s newest young adult book, Daylight Saving is fluid, and interactive. Created by the designers at Undercover, it is the first cover of it’s kind. When you run the mouse over the already beautiful cover, you find ripples of movement and a ticking clock counting down to the end of Daylight Savings time.

The book is a scary addition Hogan’s growing list of titles. Daylight Savings brings forth an entirely new perspective an a seemingly insignificant event. “For one of the main characters in Edward Hogan’s debut young adult novel, Daylight Saving, this time of year brings nothing but fear… it’s a thriller ghost story by a new voice in YA fiction that will have you utterly gripped. We can also tell you that this very night, when the clocks go back, is one that fills the characters with dread.”

Check out the book and the intriguing cover.