Where in the World?


L. McMaken
Cincinnati, OH


Did you ever find yourself deep in the pages of a good book, wondering about a particular town, city or historical landmark described in those pages? Did you ever wonder where in the world it was, or what it looked like? Most readers have and now BookDrum an interactive community for readers, has a way to take you there.

A new feature of their website is a map feature that works in conjunction with Google Earth. The map has pinpointed the locations from over 150 books. ┬áIt’s like a literary road map to some of your favorite destinations.

BookDrum also features photos, videos, and music to enhance your reading pleasure. From Radio City Music Hall to Patagonia, you can see and experience what it’s like to be where your favorite characters are solving crimes, falling in love or running for their lives.

Authors and publishers are encouraged to create an interactive “world” for their books on the community site.