Holidays at Home with Christine Feehan


Joy, Cheer and Family with this New York Times Bestselling Author – By Sheila English

Part of the Authors at the Holiday Series

As I was greeted at her home I knew immediately this was going to be fun. Christine Feehan has numerous little dogs that can most often be found on Christine’s lap, right next to her laptop or iPad. Christine Feehan is a long-time animal lover, just one of the many reasons I love her. But, more importantly, Christine is about family. Christine comes from a large family of 14 children. Yes, fourteen. Can you imagine what Christmas was like at that house?
Christine carried on the tradition of large families and she had a family of 12. Yes, twelve.

There was this energy in the house that I can only describe as joyful. People were buzzing around setting up Christmas decorations. This holiday is a big deal to the Feehan family. And when I say “big deal”, well, you’ll see the pictures.

I saw a couple of Christine sisters, husband, friends and children come in and out of the house, chatting, laughing and conspiring. Manda was decorating a tree and Shylah, one of Christine’s granddaughters was pointing out some of the wonderful ornaments to me in the kitchen where her favorite tree resides. There are several trees throughout the house.

There’s something special about a home where you can hear laughter from downstairs, someone is always trying to feed you and the girls stop talking and giggle if a boy walks into the room. Okay, Richard is not technically a “boy”, he’s her husband, but anyone of the male persuasion was left out of some of the girl-talk. The guys seemed much relieved by this.

The festivities were being planned, but even the planning was an event. Denise, another daughter, was getting ready to put on a party at her house and everyone was gathering up ornaments for Denise’s tree and offering to bring goodies to the party.

Christmas at the Feehan home is exactly like you dream of; full of joy, cheer, laughter and love.