Shorty Awards Now Open


L. McMaken
Cincinnati, OH


Honoring the best of short content on social media” the Shorty Award is now open for nominations. Do you have a favorite author you follow? Nominate them. Perhaps you like the Tweets of a certain actor? Nominate them. There are over 1500 categories accepting nominations.

Past winners include, Conan O’Brien, Suze Orman, and Neil Patrick Harris. Right now, author J.K. Rowling is holding first place in the authors category, but that could change quickly.

In a press release about the awards: “Every year, millions of people visit the Shorty Awards site to tweet nominations for their favorite social media content creators. All those tweets culminate in a highly anticipated awards ceremony that celebrates the winners in dozens of featured categories, as well as thousands of crowd-sourced community ones. For the second time, the Short Awards will also honor the industry’s best agencies, brands, and social media professionals.”