At The Desk: With Nancy Bush


We built our house fifteen years ago and I got to have a hand in designing my office.  The desktop is where I pay bills and use the Internet.  The laptop’s where I write my books.

For years I didn’t use the fireplace in my office, because I didn’t have a “writing chair”.  I tended to take my laptop all over the house and look for places to write.

But this past spring I got my chair and now I actually write in my office.  What a concept!

NYT and USA TODAY bestselling author Nancy Bush has been writing for (gulp!) over thirty years. Her 2011 suspense novel HUSH will soon be followed by NOWHERE TO RUN and NOWHERE TO HIDE, back-to-back thrillers debuting August and September of 2012. Learn more at

Bonus: Check out her book trailer for Hush