At the Desk: Victoria Alexander


First, I have to confess, my office only looks this tidy around the holidays because we have parties and friends over. Most of the time, you can hardly see the counter tops for the debris.  I tend to have a lot of debris. But my office is my sanctuary—the only place in my house that is mine and mine alone. I have my computer, of course, tv, music, family pictures and lots and lots of books. Reference books, fiction and old, old books. The only wall that doesn’t have bookshelves and windows has post-it notes plotting my work in progress, a framed arrangement of all my book covers (to remind me that I can finish a book!) and one of my favorite quotes.


I also pick up vintage desk set pieces, especially letter holders, in a misguided attempt to become organized.







There is always at least one dog here. Apparently, my office is their sanctuary too, as well as their playground. And I have a lot of stuff that makes my office uniquely mine including my flying pig and my TARDIS. But really, when you get right down to it, shouldn’t every office have a whimsical beast and a time machine?

Victoria Alexander

My Wicked Little Lies—February 2012

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