eBooks May Not Increase Readership


L. McMaken
Cincinnati, OH


Although the sale of eBooks and eReaders exploded over the last few years, and they have seen a steady increase in sales, they may not increase readership as many in publishing had hoped. According to new report conducted by¬†Forrester Research and Digital Book World, eReading has not gained new readers, and publishers expectations are dwindling. Here’s is what they discovered in their report from eBookNewser:

“The report interviewed publishers who represent 74% of all U.S. publishing revenues. When asked if readers will be better off, only 61% of respondents said that they will be, down from 74% in the 2010 study. When asked if ‘more people will read books then did before’, in 2011, only 60% thought so, down from 66% in 2010. And when asked if readers would read more books than before only 47% of respondents agreed, down from 66% in 2010.”

James McQuivey shared the full report at the Digital Book World Conference earlier this week.