Top Cities for Libraries


Cincinnati, OH


In a survey conducted by Central Connecticut State University President Dr. John W. Miller, the best city in the U.S. for libraries is — Cleveland, Ohio. The study based on criteria such as population (the ranking is for cities with a population above 250,000) area serviced,  and library staff.

Here is the list of top U.S. cities for libraries:
1.  Cleveland, OH
2.  St. Louis, MO
3.  Pittsburgh, PA
4.  Seattle, WA
5.  Cincinnati, OH
6. Toledo, OH
7.  Ft. Wayne, IN
8.  Kansas City, MO
9.  Columbus, OH
10.  Lincoln, NE

The study also included the top cities for booksellers, periodicals, Internet services, newspapers and publications. You can access then entire study here.