The Gemini Agenda by Michael and Patrick McMenamin: Book Review


A historical thriller so gripping, so intriguing you’ll have a hard time putting it down.
The McMenamin’s have done it again. Their Winston Churchill thriller series is set against a tumultuous time; pre-WW2. So much of the fiction is set against the background of true history and true characters that it will also challenge you to tell the difference. Hitler was evil and so was what he did. You could easily believe that experiments on twins was something that really happened.
When Churchill hear about strange and horrific murders involving twins he is certain the murders would lead back to Germany. He enlists photojournalist Matty McGary and her lover Bourke Cockran Jr. to find out what’s going on. Churchill really did have a vast intelligence network and he really was a man of adventure. Add in two exciting heroes and some romance and this book is sure to please.
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