The Gemini Agenda Brings Churchill to Hitler in a Whole New Way


For those of you who have been following the Churchill Thriller series you know that, although the stories are fiction, the research, the background and the details of the time period and even the historical characters are very well done. For those of you who are new, if you like historical thrillers set against a backdrop of pre-WW2 drama you have hit gold!
The Gemini Agenda is the third book in the series and although I enjoyed both The DeValera Deception and The Parsifal Pursuit, my personal favorite is The Gemini Agenda. It’s got horrific murders, science experiments gone evil and heroes you wish you could meet in real life. I love the storyline.
When Winston Churchill gets wind of the serial murders of twins, found with their eyes gone, he launches an investigation that he is sure will lead back to Germany. He enlists photojournalist Matty McGary and Bourke Cockran, Jr. to help, not only solve the murders, but to save twins still missing.
The series uses a fiction Winston Churchill’s life, but there are a lot of things that are true about Churchill. The author looks to have some background information on what is real and what is not, but sometimes that’s the fun of it, not knowing. You know it’s fiction, but it seems so real.
Here is the trailer for the book, The Gemini Agenda.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes romantic suspense with their historical thriller. Matty and Bourke are hot together!!