Google Launches ‘Google Play’


Google has just launched Google Play – a new platform combining music, games, apps, movies, and books into one online venue. The online ‘store’ is very similar to iTunes and was launched in what insiders believe is Google’s plunge into the tablet market. The Google Play website has over “450,000 apps, millions of songs, over 4-million books, and thousands of movies.” It offers ‘cloud” storage and can be accessed across multiple formats and devices. Google Play does not require any software,and  is offered as a free download.

News of the Google’s Android based tablet comes from several reports, including one in the New York Times that stated Google is “exploring the idea” of the tablet. At this time, there has been no official statement from Google confirming or denying that they plan to launch a tablet. The creation of Google Play however, seems to confirm a tablet will be coming soon.

Technorati reported; “A source close to the development of the said Google Nexus tablet, states that Google is after a $149 – $199 price point for consumers. This puts it at half the cost of an iPad, even the iPad2, as well as in a parallel price path with Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet and Amazon Kindle Fire, which have all proven worth competitors. To keep costs down however, you likely won’t see a quad-core processor within, but it will be in 7-inch form.”

Watch the video of all the features Google Play will be offering: