Lori Foster Answers Most Common Reader Questions


I thought about this blog, and decided why not answer the most common reader questions!?

So here goes. I hope my somewhat routine life doesn’t bore you!

In the morning, prior to starting my writing, I tend to the pets (4 cats and my little doggy) drink my coffee, answer tons of emails, and read up on things said about me as a writer. That includes reviews, blogs, critiques, questions… If I see it, I read it.

Sometimes what I find is nice, sometimes not. Good reviews and horrid reviews. Happy readers and disgusted readers. Accurate and way off base. Some who obviously did read the book, and some who most definitely did not. :::Shrug::: I read it all.

And you know what? I’m not encouraged or dissuaded by the comments. They appease my curiosity, but that’s all. I like knowing what others think about my work. As long as it’s not a personal attack, or (as is sometimes the odd case) a threat against me or my family, I find it fascinating, and not in the least insulting.

Good or bad, readers react out of interest. If they read a book and were horribly disappointed, I’m sorry for that. If they read one and loved it, I’m thrilled. But I don’t veer away from my muse based on feedback. If my muse says, “We’re writing this,” then, well, we’re writing it. J

One thing I’ve found interesting is that some readers prefer my earlier books to my current work. They liked my voice then more than now. Recently, while looking at early reader feedback on A PERFECT STORM, I saw a comment that went something like, “Eh, Her earlier work was better.” LOL. Things like that can keep you humble! When I look back at those earlier books, I cringe. I love the reissues, but I dread exposing everything I didn’t know.

Another interesting tidbit is that the books readers like most are seldom my own personal favorites. For that reason, when readers ask ME for recommendations, I refer them to readers instead.

For instance, in my Men of Honor series, Trace remains by far my favorite. Loved how edgy and overbearing he could be. Readers, however, overwhelmingly liked Jackson the most.

There are a lot of understandable misconceptions in this industry, so I don’t mind, but I’d like to set the record straight. I don’t know much about ebooks or how/when my stories are produced in that format. It’s not my decision. Same with reissues. Sometimes the reissues hit the shelves without me knowing. I find out from readers! So please, don’t get mad at ME when you can’t find the current story in ebook format, or a reissue comes out with a new cover and you feel duped that you bought a book you already own. I do what I can by keeping my website updated, and I always mark each book (on my site) as new or a reissue.

My publisher would allow me to title my own books, but that’s not my forte, so I leave it up to the editors. Ditto on back cover blurbs. To me, titles and blurbs are a marketing niche, and I’m woefully bad at marketing.

I have cover approval, but I use that only to speak out if I really, really dislike a cover, and only on new releases. Publishers have art departments that know exactly what’s hot and what isn’t. I say upfront that I don’t like overly sexual covers or titles. I’ve asked for tweaks to things. But I’m pretty easy to please. With my current Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series, I did request that we keep the heroes names in the titles. I’ve written so many books that I think it helps readers (and me!) to keep track.

Annnd… I begged for guys with chest hair. Love it. I’m so not into the “shaved chest” look. I mean, what ultra-Alpha hero has time for that? I certainly don’t want to envision him in the bathroom, spending hours grooming himself. Know what I mean? I LOVE that HQN found gorgeous models with chest hair for me. (Even the new series, starting in Oct, has the debut book with a hairy-chested hero. Yum!)

Every time I end a series, readers are upset with me. When I ended the Buckhorns, and then the Winston series, readers wrote me every day suggesting that I continue the families. Then I did the Visitation series, and same thing. Then I got mail asking me to continue my MMA fighters, and now, of course, readers are vocal in their desire for me to continue the series with Dare, Trace, Jackson and, lastly, Spencer. Of course I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that you’ll love A PERFECT STORM, but I’m also super hopeful that you’ll enjoy my upcoming “Undercover Love” series just as much – so much in fact, that hopefully when I end it (because you KNOW I will) you’ll write me to complain. J

I personally answer all reader mail, but I’m much quicker at it if you email instead of snail mail, so feel free to drop me a line. (Email is on my site.)

If you aren’t yet familiar with my mercenary series, check out the stunning covers on my site at www.LoriFoster.com The models for the covers are amazing.

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Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU for being readers. Without you, this whole gig wouldn’t be nearly as much fun!

Happy reading!

Lori Foster also writing as L.L. Foster


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