Readers Entertainment Presents Shawntelle Madison


Writing urban fantasy with a snarky heroine is just the beginning when it comes to Shawntelle Madison. Barbara Vey catches up with this beautiful and talented author in New York where they chat about Shawntelle’s books, website and her ability to speak Russian!

About Shawntelle (from her website)-

Shawntelle loves to write stories where something mysterious always happens. Her stories unfold in either a magical place or she drop kicks her heroine and hero into the mix of crazy magical circumstances. Her characters have been swimming around in her head for the longest of time, but its only recently that she has given into their demands and wrote down their adventures.

Why paranormal? Well, every time she thinks about writing something straight forward she gets caught in the what-if exercise. What if her hero was a werewolf or if her heroine was a nymph? How far could she go down the rabbit hole and not sound crazy? (Yet still be somewhat believable?)

Writing is one of her first loves, besides web development. She is a die hard geek who earned her undergraduate degree in Math from Iowa State University. (She even almost finished a degree in Russian Studies.)
As far as memberships, she’s a member of the Romance Writers of America, in particular the MissouriRWA and Young Adult RWA.
She currently lives in Missouri with her husband and children (the Den of Evil).

Yes, they do talk about the “Den of Evil”.